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Welcome on the board!

My name is Edith Borbély, I live in Budapest, Hungary.

I created this website, becouse I have/had Reumatoid Arthritis, what started in december 2009.

It was the most difficult period of time in my life, but now Im healed!

I know so many people have RA in Hungary and everywhere in the world and They dont have real solution to healing.

In the last 2 years I put together every pieces of the puzzle of that way, how you can be healthy again without medications and without any side effects!

I wrote a book about my story and you will find it here in english, in an eBook.

You can follow me on the Facebook (HEALING WITH JOY) and Twitter to get every information and support.

If you have any question dont hesitate to send me an e-mail!


Be well, be healty!  Edith :-)



Your Translator

2012.03.30 14:49
If you wanna read everything on this website in your own language, its possible with the Google translator on the 1st. page! Just go there, choose your language and it will translate every words of this website for you! I hope it will be useful to you! Have a good reading! Edith...


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